Why ProjectMatch?
ProjectMatch is an online matchmaking service between those looking to take part in either research or quality improvement (QI) projects (known as trainees on ProjectMatch) and those running them (known as supervisors). By connecting trainees with research and QI opportunities, we hope that we can improve the experiences of people starting out in their careers whilst also providing supervisors with well suited and motivated trainees.

Key features

  • Get matched to projects based on preferences

  • Find research or QI taking place at your trust

  • Get in contact with supervisors

  • Get advice and contacts for funding applications

  • Share feedback between trainees and supervisors once training is complete

At ProjectMatch, we would like to inspire you to get involved in opportunities relevant to your career. ProjectMatch trainees include doctors, nurses and allied health professionals, and there are projects available within both trusts and universities. Projects advertised here range from small studies that could be done alongside clinical work to bigger programmes of research that need full-time commitment. Whatever your availability and experience level, there is a project for you - you just have to find it!

How can ProjectMatch help you?

ProjectMatch for research:

If you’re a trainee interested in research you will have unprecedented access to a database of nationwide opportunities. If you’re a research supervisor, you can let people know your ideas, and find keen, motivated trainees to help bring them to fruition. Compatibility and commitment are key in producing high quality output - ProjectMatch can help support this.

ProjectMatch for QI:

For QI trainees, finding the right project for you within your trust is often the hardest part of the process, so we have built a system to help you do this. You will be able to contact supervisors to make the first critical steps to successful partnership. By matchmaking trainees with QI supervisors
ProjectMatch will benefit the trainees, trusts, and patients in your care.

Our happy users

After developing my quality improvement project, I struggled to find trainees who would benefit from the programme. ProjectMatch helped me connect to relevant healthcare staff across my trust.(QI lead)

ProjectMatch has helped me connect with supervisors and find work that was relevant to my level and job, it’s already improved my career prospects enormously.(Trainee)

Funding your project

At ProjectMatch we want to help you get your research ideas into practice. Each project will specify if funding is required. We provide links and advice to help you find funding for your projects. If you are just starting out, this can be daunting, but by connecting with an experienced supervisor you can get mentorship and guidance on how to write funding applications and make your ideas really competitive.

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ProjectMatch is free to trainees. Trusts and universities can sign-up for a yearly subscription in order to receive a bespoke system which will include analytics detailing the courses available within your institution, the popularity of the courses, and feedback from supervisors and trainees.